Visitors at Classy Kids – Kindness Elves

At Classy Kids, we understand that kindness is a choice and we choose to emphasize it in every lesson, every word, and every act. This week we put reminders throughout our classrooms to emphasize the beautiful virtue of being kind to one another. We used some friendly helpers – elves! Our Kindness Elves were in every classroom and inspiring us to show random acts of kindness throughout our day.

We created arts and crafts and magical potions that would serve as tangible reminders to show kindness. The children created salt dough crafts that when hardened, it would be the perfect canvas to paint on with generous hands. Our magical potions sparked our imaginations. We made our potions represent an act of virtue whether that be: love, kindness, patience, and peace. We kept these potions close to our hearts as we embarked on learning curriculum, eating our lunches, playing outside, and speaking with one another. This, in addition to our homemade kindness spray, allowed us to spread joy and kindness all throughout the day.

The children created goodie bags to give to our teachers, these bags were not only filled with treats and crafts, but filled with appreciation and love. We had fun delivering them to the different classrooms and showing our gratitude! We also created a kindness butterfly to give to our tumblebus teacher and computer teacher, the smiles on the children and teachers’ faces were enough to light up the room!


We worked on our oral skills by reciting kind words and telling the story of the Kindness Elves. The children recited words like: compassion, joy, peace, love, gentleness and patience – words that we all need to recite to ourselves as reminders to express kindness. Our K-4 students created “kindness pots” that displayed these virtues on a piece of paper. We encourage our children to look at their artwork and remember to live these virtues!

This week at Classy Kids was filled with such a special virtue, kindness. It is important for us to be kind in everything we do, because you never know what your classmate, neighbor, or friend is going through. Kindness is a foundational principle at Classy Kids, and we love molding the hearts and minds of our students with these transformative virtues.