Unfolding Early Language and Literacy

Early language and literacy begins to unfold the moment a child is born.  The first few years of a child’s life is a bright rainbow of learning experiences, and all of them are closely linked with a literacy-rich environment. Books and stories play a critical role in creating a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Enter the bright and colorful, engaging book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (always a crowd pleaser), and we’ve framed out the innerworkings of another magical week of learning.

Whether it’s being read to, telling stories to each other, singing songs, or otherwise integrating books into our classroom communities, we have fun. It might surprise you to realize that eye-hand coordination development isn’t limited to games outside the classroom or traditional sports related activitiies. In fact, we honed in on this skill by lacing circles, making coconuts for our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees. We continued to work on this important life skill by sorting colors and counting items with tweezers, encouraging fine motor development.
Speaking of trees, our students worked together in small group settings to create their own trees, linked directly to the book study, and we also made one comprehensive tree to represent our own classroom communities. As we mentioned in our last blog post, we place a heavy emphasis on individuality and how we all come together as pieces of a larger, beautiful puzzle. We each have our own shapes and sizes that are uniquely our own, but together we create a beautiful tapestry! Speaking of the letter “B”, what letter study would be complete without something near and dear to so many young learners: BUGS!  We used our natural curiosity and exploration skills (and our magnifying glasses)  to examine different bugs during science class.
Children’s minds are sponge-like, soaking up every experience. Textures are a wonderful way for our children to be introduced to pre-writing skills. By utilizing salt trays, our young learners learn how to feel their way around the shapes, lines and curves of letters. This week, we specifically focused on “B”. Lots of curves and lines were examined, as well as how they all come together to create a very special letter.  We integrated sensory play as well using something that was both colorful AND smooth: blue shaving cream. A curriculum that ties all elements together, like colors, textures and concepts, builds upon prior knowledge and encourages children to formulate meaningful connections.
Have you taken a moment at night to look up at the stars with your children? If not, we encourage you to do so! Our artist of the month is Van Gogh.  We saw (and studied) Starry Night, and recreated our own versions using foil painting techniques.
At Classy Kids, we love seeing the pages unfold through the eyes of the children we are so privileged to teach. Thank you for joining us on our learning adventure!