Title: FORE! Having a “Top” Golf Experiential Learning Experience

At Classy Kids, we always strive to exceed expectations, and always be at the top of the leaderboard. To that end, we are thrilled to highlight our experiential learning experiences with you. Let’s “tee” it up and find out about how we created a fun-filled week for our students!

From using golf balls to make our special “Master”pieces to learning how to hold golf clubs correctly and getting that hole in one, this Top Golf week was perfectly on par! We love planning wonderful, fun activities like these to help our students experience the physical, social, and mental benefits that golf has to offer.

Our engaged learning theme incorporated activities that were not only fun and creative, but also cultivated important developmental skills. Our students learned the fundamentals of golf and were taught how to hold golf clubs while aiming the ball into a cup; talk about concentration! Every golfer’s ideal gift was made when our infants and toddlers used their footprints to create little putting green artwork. 

At Classy Kids, we emphasize cognitive development, so our children sorted and matched golf tees to train visual memory and improve concentration. We didn’t forget about physical exercise and teamwork, which are fundamental and essential components of our curriculum. Our K4 and after school students will be playing our fun golf ball relays to wrap up the week. We can’t help but wonder which of our Classy Kids will sport The Green Jacket one day!

Exposing children to high-skill activities, such as golf, improves hand/eye coordination, physical activity, concentration skills, high level of thinking and creativity. Our goal is to expose children to activities that they may never have had the experience to learn and enjoy!  Who knows, some of these young children may grow up to be the next Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player or Paula Creamer!