The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway! : Fabulous Frozen Week

The joy of winter only continues as we adorned our classrooms with the critically acclaimed movie, Frozen!

We joyously sang to the delightful soundtrack, we became friends with the characters as we creatively built them from scratch, and together we set on a journey to explore the winter wonderland of Frozen! At Classy Kids we nourish imagination while cultivating creativity and learning…. And wow, we have fun doing it!

Our Fabulous Frozen Week kicked off with the children dressing in Frozen attire. Adorable is an understatement for all Elsas, Annas, Olafs, and Kristoffs we saw prancing around the classrooms! We danced as “Let It Go” and “Would You Like To Build A Snowman?” played throughout the classrooms and hallways. It was sweet music to our ears listening to the children sing along to every single song.

We worked on memory and concentration as we created our very own friendly Olaf with puzzle pieces. We continued to cultivate dexterity and focus when our older classes used blindfolds and tried their hand at placing the carrot nose on the snowman. Our littles ones followed suit with their eyes closed. Talk about skill! We discussed why it was so difficult to find the correct spot for the nose without eyesight. This sparked a great conversation about how we depend on our senses every day. This thoughtful conversation helped us learn and appreciate the senses we have.

We continued our exploration of senses, when we created Sugar Cube Castles. Children were given sugar cubes to create their own special Ice Castle. In small groups we created spectacular Ice Castles for our Frozen characters! Activities like these allowed us to appreciate and learn about the senses while also celebrating the beauty of Winter!

In the name of science, we conducted cool (pun intended!) experiments. We explored “Elsa’s Melting Ice Castle” to understand how things freeze. We learned that the temperature has to be below 32 degrees fahrenheit to freeze and must be above 32 degrees fahrenheit in order to begin melting. After we grasped the concept of melting and freezing we conducted our experiment. We froze colored water to build Elsa’s beautiful Frozen Castle.The children then used warm water droppers to sprinkle water on Elsa’s ice castle. We watched in awe as the castle slowly began to melt! This discovery was fantastic for the children. At Classy Kids, we see the beauty of curiosity and exploration!

This week was filled with winter cheer and amusement. Thank you for celebrating this Fabulous Frozen Week!