Sweet As a South Carolina Peach

At Classy Kids, we understand the value of incorporating innovative learning experiences. We go above and beyond to assist each child in achieving his or her developmental milestones. Our team aims to not only engage our students, but to have tons of fun while doing so! In our efforts to make learning educational and fun, this week we focused on the benefits and nutritional values of peaches. “Sweet Summertime,” indeed!

We enjoyed seeing this week’s integrated curricula come to fruition, as we helped our infants experiment with various textures of peaches. We embarked on a sensory exploration by feeling a peach’s fuzz, using fluffy whipped cream to create fingerprints and, of course, tasting delicious peach ice cream. Our preschoolers were even more hands-on with technology integration, as they participated in virtual games of picking peaches from trees.

At Classy kids, we emphasize learning by doing in our curriculum. Discovery Learning is one of the most important ways that children learn during their preschool years. We applied this approach to learning by creatively crafting our own peaches. With orange and yellow paint drops on our peach cut-outs, the children folded the paper and discovered that mixing two or more colors can make other colors!

The students were surprised and thrilled to discover their ability to create  “real looking” peaches. We then worked together to investigate the color, texture, size, and shape of our craft peaches as compared to a real peach. We engaged in intellectual development when the children applied what they learned and drew conclusions! At Classy Kids, we tap into our children’s curiosity and unlock endless learning. We learned a lot this week, and it sure was sweet!