At Classy Kids, we hand-select the best, most innovative curricula to meet the needs of each student. Rather than tie ourselves to a one-size-fits-all model, we know our children and are pleased to offer the very best to meet them at various stages across the learning continuum. Learning can be fun, creative, and inspiring!

Abeka Curriculum | K3 & K4 Each child will have his or her own leaning book for practicing “Numbers & Skills” as well as “Writing & Phonics.” Our weekly lesson plans are full of crafts, stories, music and activities that will keep them as busy as bees in their hive of learning!

Character Building | Amber Lamb Colorful illustrations with fun poems and stories come to life as Amber Lamb teaches preschool children good character traits and how to interact positively with others. We value instilling positive character from an early age. Our students are lifelong learners.

Spanish | K3 & K4  Designed with preschool children in mind, our weekly Spanish lessons are super fun and a highlight for everyone involved. Dancing, singing, repetition and play. . . All in a Classy Kids day!

Mother Goose Curriculum | Infants  This relationship-based program promotes a loving environment that engages each baby in play and exploration of their surroundings and others. Reading, music, movement (with a side dish of napping!) keeps our littlest Classy Kids happy and thriving throughout the day.

Creative Curriculum | Toddlers and Young 3’s  Learning through play has never been so fun! This researched-based curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, using art, music, numbers, reading, games and activities as a vehicle for learning. It keeps our kids busy and engaged all day!

Classy Science & Cooking  Classy Science & Cooking activities are always a huge hit for our Classy Kids. Look for fun-themed videos and pictures throughout the year on our parent app, Tadpoles. Experience the joy of cooking and creating with your emerging scientist (or chef!).