Picnic Fun!

At Classy Kids, we see the value of learning in community with one another. We know that our students learn from interactions with their peers just as much as they learn from the classroom environment. We aim to grow and develop our students academically and relationally, and this week’s activities brought all our kids to the table (or, rather, picnic blanket) to learn and grow together.

Creating our picnic has been a week full of hands-on activities, from weaving picnic blankets to creating our own picnic plates! Who are we inviting to the picnic, you might ask? Sensory play and hands on crafts don’t stop with blankets and plates; we painted teddy bears and “Ants at the picnic” to join in on the fun.

No picnic is complete without – you guessed it – food! Continuing with our integration of sensory play into this week’s curriculum, we created watermelon sensory squish bags that were sweet to make and even sweeter to squeeze.

We put our heads together and brainstormed what to bring in our picnic baskets for the true highlight of the week: the Teddy Bears’ Picnic! From the pages of one of this week’s books, we are sharing everything that we have created with our fuzzy friends and with each other for a class picnic.

We are so excited to gather the students together to appreciate the crafts they have made, while encouraging growth in their friendships and classroom communities. We learned so much this week through number/word matching, hands-on activities, and sensory play. . . All of which is made so much sweeter when we share it with our friends.