At Classy Kids, we believe in giving back to our community. Since we have been part of the Upstate community for over three decades, we give back through our time, treasure and talent.

We are implementing a quarterly philanthropy focus, giving our team and our families opportunities to give back and support the community we all call home. Each season we will partner with a different non-profit. There is no shortage of needs, and we are in no shortage of the desire to help!

We are proud to announce our first philanthropy project of 2018 will support TreesGreenville. We are happy to help keep the “green” in Greenville!

TreesGreenville is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2005. Their mission is to plant, promote, and protect trees in Greenville County. They plant trees in parks, schools, and neighborhoods. They promote the benefits of trees. They protect trees by teaching people how to properly plant and maintain a healthy urban and community forest.

TreesGreenville carries out their mission with two distinct planting programs: NeighborWoods and the Legacy Tree Project. NeighborWoods and the Legacy Tree Project increase shaded areas throughout Greenville County and maximize the benefits trees provide.

Look for more information about the planting date. To reserve your spot and help us keep the green in Greenville, email us at:



ProGrin Dental and Classy Kids have teamed up together to make learning the most exciting thing in a young child’s life. ProGrin dental partnered with Classy Kids to build a village for the young threes classroom in order for them to learn all about dental health and awareness.

Classy Kids and ProGrin Dental feel that it’s important to develop healthy living habits at a very young age in order to maintain those habits into adulthood. The new classroom renovation is totally state of the art with a toddler-sized dental office replication as well as a pet palace for children to learn veterinarian skills.

It’s a wonderful thing for our community when businesses merge together for one common goal as ProGrin dental and Classy Kids have done. There are many other things in the works for these two businesses in the future such as breast cancer awareness dental health awareness and other great causes to partner together to help our community!