Introducing the Innovative K-4 Academy!

Classy Kids is excited to reveal our most recent renovation. The K-4 ACADEMY!!

Incorporating engaging and interactive renovations truly takes a village and we are grateful to everyone being so willing to jump right in to make Classy Kids the marvelous place it is. It’s more than a daycare, it’s a home. It’s a place where friendships are made among the children, the teachers and the families. It’s a place that lays the foundation of character building and education for our future generation.

We are currently at full enrollment in our K-4 Academy but will be accepting new enrollment applications on Monday, March 2nd. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer program and hope your children will join us for a fabulously fun, creative, and educational program!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a focus in our K-4 Academy. We want our students to be curious about these realms and explore the multitude of opportunities each area has to offer. Through encouraging children to enjoy our centers that are filled with engaging materials, we highlight the importance of these four areas and strive to give our students a competitive edge as they advance and grow in their education.

Exploration is the name of the game at the K-4 Academy. Children are encouraged to put their minds (and senses!) to good use through sensory play and centers. We also work on educating the students about organization and accountability through how we structure and keep our classroom community in order. Everything has its place, and each citizen of our Academy is taught how to keep things neat and tidy! We understand that you’re never too early to value and learn life skills – we want to not only create thoughtful students but exemplary members of society!

Calling all LEGO fans! Newsflash: we love LEGOs too. Children learn through the use of manipulatives like LEGOs, building blocks, puff-balls, etc. So many concepts can be taught through hands-on learning experiences. . . Especially math!

Fine motor skills are continuously refined as children progress through the K-4 Academy. One fun, innovative, and creative way to hone in on these skills is through one of our favorites: finger painting! We believe children need the chance to express themselves creatively while, at the same time, growing their fine motor skills. And we proudly display their work where they can see it – at their level.

We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to early childhood literacy. Children’s literature abounds, and there are always new and innovative books to digest. We love putting our best practices and expertise to good use when sourcing high-quality books which provide stimulating early reading experiences for our students. Plus, Dragons Love Tacos is a crowd pleaser!

Children learn in a variety of ways. Our students love using the light table to learn about everything from transparency to what really goes on inside of objects. Our goal is to foster comprehensive knowledge and thoughtful understanding.  It’s a favorite in our K-4 academy!

K4 students are amazing emerging readers. Our curriculum focuses on growing a child’s early literacy skills through picture reading, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and context clues. We also enjoy many author studies throughout the year to further capture these wonderful minds!

Imaginative, unstructured playtime engages young minds. Children enjoy replicating the world of the adults around them, and reenacting what they experience. By creating vignettes that afford them these special opportunities, we promote learning through play. Learning can (and should!) be F-U-N, too!

Small group instruction is an integral of the K-4 academy. Our classroom design reflects our dedication to teamwork and nurturing that from an early age. As children prepare for the big step to K-5, it’s important to continue a balanced approach of learning centers and individualized or small group work.