FOOTBALL and the Wacky World of Sports

In the world we (at Classy Kids) live in, which is that of early childhood education, there are many different learning styles to which we cater. We seek out opportunities where children come together, celebrating both their individual strengths and those of the collective “team”. As we have mentioned in previous posts, community and teamwork are fundamentally important to a child’s development both inside and outside of the classroom. What better way to continue creating a team environment than to explore one so popular: football!
Honing in on physical skills while also exercising the mind make learning through a sports-related theme both fun and engaging . . . And that is what we are all about!
This week, children fine-tuned those fine motor skills by making footballs during art class. It was neat to explore how utilizing different, smaller shapes such as circles can work together to create one larger shape that we can identify! This artistic genre harkens back to pointillism, where a series of small dots were used to come together to create a masterpiece for all to admire. Continuing with our artistic exploration of the week’s theme, our students enjoyed a little bit of messiness and a whole lot of fun with finger paints.  We finger painted footballs and discovered what happens when tape is applied to the football and paint covers it. Children experienced Discovery Learning in its most organic form. It was magical! Lastly, we employed the use of sponge painting, manipulating the sponges to create the patterns and prints we desired. Who doesn’t love a good texture to explore?
As we focus greatly on early literacy strategies and best practices, we shared many books this week. One of the highlights was “Austin Plays Fair”, a book that promotes teamwork and how to be a good sport.
Sensory learning continues throughout every theme at Classy kids. This week, our children enjoyed using their senses to discover how a football (and other sports objects) feel, smell, look and how each is utilized. What is the effect of throwing down a ball? Does it bounce? What happens if you throw it a far length? Does it come back? We also analyzed the weight of different balls and sports related objects, and thought about how that might affect how they react upon being thrown or bounced.
Outside games such as “How fast can you run with the football” was enjoyed by in our preschool classes.  We worked together to be good teammates, and evaluated what made someone a good teammate. We talked about how to be supportive and a team player as we engaged in relay races. Working towards a common goal, and supporting the team while doing your best, was the name of the game!
What’s that, you say? The sounds that we hear at football games was also explored this week. And, let’s be honest, what is better than “DRUMS”? We marched to the beat of drums and even made our own drums during art. We talked about the letter “D” for Drum. No hard feelings if your little ones start turning pots and pans (or tupperware) into drums! Send us your pictures of your budding drummer – we’d love to see them in action.
 We enjoyed making team signs and being cheerleaders for our team this week, too. Rah, rah, sis boom bah!
Our K-3 & K-4 classes worked on sports matching, using types of balls and sports equipment.  They also practiced counting out “baseballs” and putting them into a muffin cups.
We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our week!