Employees of the Month

At Classy Kids, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations as we nurture and care for our children. Each month we are privileged to honor, at each location, those who go even further than the extra mile that we come to expect. Congratulations to our honorees: we are so proud of you!

Greer: Bobbi Bragg

What’s not to love about Bobbi?! The parents who nominated her to be this month’s honoree at the Greer location notably were so impressed with how patient, loving and sweet she is. Of course, we see this every day. . . So it didn’t come as a surprise to the rest of us! Seeing her each day we notice how she’s always playing with the children in her class, getting down on each student’s level and really engaging with them. When we think “teacher”, she exemplifies what one should be. We couldn’t be more thrilled for her to receive this award.

Bobbi loves spending time with her two children (Peyton, age 6 and Carson, age 8), who she adores.  We are so happy that parents and others alike  Congratulations, Bobbi!


Fairview: Carrie Tribble

Known for her great attitude, parents at our Fairview location were more than excited to nominate Carrie to be this month’s honoree. An amazing teacher who has a heart for the children she serves, parents and staff alike mentioned how much they appreciate how awesome she is every day. Children absolutely LOVE being in Carrie’s class, and she is so deserving of this award. 

Congratulations, Carrie!



West Georgia Road: Danielle Oliver

Too sweet? No way! Danielle is known for her kind nature, and believes there’s no such thing as being too sweet. Parents and students alike pick up on this, and nominated her to receive this honor. Always going above and beyond, she loves all of our children.  One parent, who has both children by birth as well as foster children, said that one thing she loves about Danielle is that she loves them all just the same. Parents also appreciate her knowledge of what to do, how to do it, and what resonates with the children.

One parent remarked “She was amazing with Anna very caring and taught her well.”  And to Danielle, it’s all in the little details. She remembers them all, and exudes patience along the way.

In her spare time she likes spending time with her family, shopping and traveling. Congratulations, Danielle!