Dragons Eat Tacos | Exploring Our Imagination at Classy Kids

  This week we escaped to a world filled with dragons, adventure, learning… and tacos! We explored the legend of dragons… and do you know what dragons love to eat? Tacos, of course! This week we used arts and crafts to create an imaginative world where we became fire breathing dragons, we created our own dragon names, and we brought our own dragons to school! The world we create each week at Classy Kids is one filled with exploration, curiosity, imagination, and learning. Together, we entered into our own reality of engagement. 

After learning our dragons eat tacos, we simply had to make special tacos for our scaly friends. After we made the dragons their tacos, we enjoyed eating our own tacos for lunch – talk about a fun Taco Tuesday! 

Once the students were acquainted with their imaginary dragon friends, we brainstormed all sorts of names. You can ask our teachers how much fun they had listening to the outrageously creative names our students conceived. 

Once we really got to know our dragons we gradually became them! We made our own dragon feet that allowed us to walk exactly like dragons walk. We created flame torches that helped us become fire breathing and ferociously fun! 

Towards the end of the week, our children were able to bring their dragon to school and present their quirky traits to their friends! They had so much fun telling the class about what makes their dragon special and the wild adventures they had together!

In addition to this week being filled with imagination and adventure, we exercised our e-learning skills at the Tween Scene. Those who are temporarily at Classy Kids from public schools were able to stay on track by getting their assignments done. Teachers were readily available to help assist with any and all questions pertaining to homework!

Despite changes in schedule and normal routine, Classy Kids made sure to keep our classrooms consistently fun, engaging, and positive for all who enter. We will continue to care for our students and explore the world education has to offer.