Dr. Suess Spirit Week at Classy Kids

This week we explored the wonky and wonderful world of Dr. Suess. We celebrated his birthday and all the ways he has encouraged imagination, creativity and individuality.  We dedicated each day to a different book that was foundational to our childhoods! Dr. Suess allowed us to experience a full week of dreaming in vivid and glorious color. From Mixed-Up Monday, Top Hat Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Theodore Thursday, to Funny Food Friday, children enjoyed being wacky, tacky, and oh so HAPPY as we all donned our BEST Dr. Seuss attire. 

Each day of the week our teachers would read several Dr. Suess books to examine the structures of rhyme and rhythm. After reading the Dr. Suess classic, “The Cat in the Hat,” children made their own red and white hats and oversized bow ties to mimic the large goofy cat. After being decked out in their Cat in the Hat gear, the children participated in a parade around the building, so everyone could display their handmade creations! 

The children especially loved reading “Put Me in the Zoo.” This ended up being quite the treat as we made spotted chocolate candies. These special candies represented special animals with spots. This opened up a discussion about how each animal and every person is created differently and that is precisely what makes them special! 

We continued to exercise our creativity as we re-created the One Fish, Two Fish classic. We pressed our hands in the red paint and blue paint and decorated an illustrated fish bowl. Watching the children proudly raise their creations with large smiles was such a special moment. 

Next up was “Green Eggs and Ham” and the “The Lorax” that proved to be extra special as we painted, created, and ate green eggs and truffles trees. Our children, teachers and staff participated in Dr. Seuss Spirit Week as well. And the best part is, the adults had just as much fun as the students! 

As we concluded our fun week, we emphasized a simple yet important message, “Oh The Places You Will Go.” We wholeheartedly believe that each child at Classy Kids is destined to be great as they continue to grow. We teach everyone to reach for the stars while having fun along the way. We want this message to be instilled in every child, parent and staff member.