Deck the Halls!

We tend to always deck our halls at our Classy Kids locations, but this time of year we swap out our soothing pastels with seasonal decor. It’s important to us to create environments that cause our childrens’ eyes to light up with the magic and joy of Christmas and the holiday season. There is nothing quite like seeing the holiday season through the mind of a child, and for that we are so grateful. It reminds us each year about the reason for the season, and who better to express that than our little learners?

But it’s also important that our children continue strengthening communities both within and outside of our classrooms. Community engagement is so important for the development of interpersonal effectiveness skills as they grow, as well as assisting in the development of empathy, sympathy, and the ability to care for our friends and neighbors. That takes on many shapes and forms, but most recently through our visit to an assisted living facility called Manning Place.




Our K4 children from our Greer location sang Christmas songs for the residents, and they hand-made ornaments for their senior citizen friends as well. The children took great joy in bringing the holidays to Manning Place.



At Classy Kids we are always looking for ways to allow the children to express themselves in all areas. One of the ways children love to express their creativity is through art and projects where they are allowed the freedom of choice. Choices as to what projects they would like to participate in, and choices about how to complete the project.

The children in our Young 3’s classroom elected to make a picture of Rudolph. We asked guiding questions, prompting them to discuss and analyze how to make a Rudolph. Some children said to draw Rudolph, some said to color him, and some said cut out his shape. The overwhelming majority said PAINT!


Young 3’s LOVE to express themselves via this artistic medium. We provided brown paint and each child coated his or her hand. Each then placed it on paper, and personalized the pieces with red pom-poms and wiggly eyes. And, just like that, we have a room full of AMAZING Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer special commissions decking our halls. (Lucky Us!)






This Friday, we have a special event: Christmas Carols and Cookies. Parents are going to attend to share in this fun time! Our children have made small gifts for their parents (shhhhhhhh – don’t tell! It’s a secret!), and the parents will be presented with these special tokens of love that afternoon after the program. (Helpful hint to parents: bring tissues!)

Thank you for Decking the Halls with us this holiday season. We are grateful for you!