Continuing Education: Lifelong Learning

Studies illustrate that our success as well as mental & physical health, are rooted in a strong early childhood experience. Getting the right foundation yields children who thrive in school and adults who live good lives. The quality of a child’s earliest educational settings, as well as exposure to developmentally appropriate and engaging experiences are critical.

At Classy Kids, we are committed to creating quality environments that engage young minds in the classroom, and a very important component of getting there involves ongoing professional development and certifications. In fact, we have our staff complete between twenty and twenty-five hours of professional development a year – that’s how firm our beliefs are about continuing education. Whether it’s training staff on the latest and greatest in educational practices, or renewing lifesaving certifications (like CPR training). . . Both contribute to a culture of excellence and safety. After all, it’s important that our parents know that we are constantly striving to be not only the best we can be as educators, but also as caregivers to our young children.

Recently, our own Mary Jo Albertson attended the National Safety Council to become a certified CPR/First Aid Instructor.  But she (and we) didn’t stop there! She also attended LiveWell Healthy Habits to learn more creative and innovative ways to encourage our students and staff to live well and actively. We are so proud of her for bringing her knowledge back to Classy Kids and imparting all the wisdom she gained!



Teachers from all of our locations gathered together on Monday, October 14th for professional development classes. A few examples of these include CPR/First Aid, and mandated reporting.


As we always reinforce to our children in every educational setting, we are a community. We come together to learn, grow, and develop into our best selves. Learning is a continuum, and it never ends! We hope that all of our Classy Kids students become lifelong learners, just like we are.


Thank you to our wonderful staff for being so dedicated to exceeding expectations and being the best we can be!