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Employees of the Month

At Classy Kids, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations as we nurture and care for our children. Each month we are privileged to honor, at each location, those who go even further than the extra mile that we come to expect. Congratulations to our honorees: we are so proud of you! Greer: Bobbi Bragg What’s […]

FOOTBALL and the Wacky World of Sports

In the world we (at Classy Kids) live in, which is that of early childhood education, there are many different learning styles to which we cater. We seek out opportunities where children come together, celebrating both their individual strengths and those of the collective “team”. As we have mentioned in previous posts, community and teamwork […]

Building CommUNITY

Classrooms like ours are bursting at the seams with children willing and eager to learn. They are continuously learning about themselves, their place within the family structure and their place within their classroom community, to name a few. Each child comes to us with a completely unique set of life circumstances, which makes each one […]

Picnic Fun!

At Classy Kids, we see the value of learning in community with one another. We know that our students learn from interactions with their peers just as much as they learn from the classroom environment. We aim to grow and develop our students academically and relationally, and this week’s activities brought all our kids to […]