Candy Cane Lane and Santa Please & Christmas Trees

In the name of laughter, fun and creative engagement, we embarked on a journey to Deck the Halls! Our children participated in the Christmas tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Oh, how we loved witnessing our littles ones spot that sneaky elf!
We created Christmas baubles, felt fabric Christmas trees, and Christmas star ornaments so we could trim our trees here at Classy Kids and at home with our families. We made gingerbread houses adorned with icing, gumdrops, and candy canes (we had just as much fun making them as eating them!) At Classy Kids, we hold the belief that the best gifts are made with precious tiny hands and love!
In the name of Christmas cheer, curiosity, and learning, we conducted science experiments. We created “fizzing candy canes” where our children mixed vinegar with the candy canes to discover that it would bubble up and whoosh (we made sure to eat a few candy canes while preparing for the experiment). This sparked a conversation about how different components and elements react when put together. The learning continued as we made peppermint playdough. We engaged ALL of our senses when we felt the goo beneath our fingers, we smelled the refreshing peppermint oil (and of course, we wanted to eat more candy canes), we saw the dough stretch and expand, and we heard the playdough slap against the desk.
The learning didn’t stop there! We used Christms themed colored counters to help with counting and adding – talk about festive mathematical fun!! We had fun cultural experiences as well. Our children learned Spanish Christmas carols with our wonderful Spanish teacher, Mrs. Iliana. We simply loved listening to the children sing, Feliz Navidad!!
This week was as joyful as it was creative. At Classy Kids, we understand that there is always an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to give, and an opportunity to smile. Our gratitude continues to grow as the holiday season does.