{Burrr!} Arctic Adventures at Classy Kids!

As the temperatures outside dropped, we set to explore a mystical and far off land… the Arctic!

Our lessons on the Arctic sparked questions of curiosity and wonder. Our first lesson emphasized Arctic animals and how they manage to survive extremely low temperatures. We discovered the world where penguins waddle around in groups, polar bears search for food, and whales dominate the water of the Tundra. After our lessons we, of course, embarked on a creative adventure. Our art projects showed our knowledge as the children created animal art.

We integrated all mediums of art to create our favorite Arctic animals….Who doesn’t enjoy creating a fluffy yet ferocious polar bear with felt shapes and soft patterns for penguins?! The children LOVED engaging their sense of touch as their animals seem to come to life because they felt so real. We continued to use our sense of touch as the children put their hands in a box of water beads to find the Arctic whales.

Our art continued as we created “Polar Bear Hand prints” by pressing our hands in white paint and pressing them into Arctic blue paper. In a similar fashion, we used large Lego covered in white paint as stamps!  (Their adorable hand prints will make the perfect refrigerator artwork, don’t you think?) Our babies created artwork too, their snowy owls made of cotton balls had everyone in the classroom grinning.

While we entertained our creative minds, we incorporated science with our art. We colored water and filled ice trays to demonstrate how water freezes. This opened the floor for discussion about icebergs and how they form. After our colorful ice cubes solidified, we painted with the ice! Talk about the wide-eyed excitement of using our own experiment to create even more!

While teaching about Arctic animals in the extreme cold, we taught and demonstrated Arctic animal’s necessity of having blubber. We explained that blubber is what insulates the animals. But at Classy Kids we know that the only way to teach is to discover. So we embarked on another fun experiment. We placed Crisco in a latex glove and then surrounded the glove with a bag of ice. We encouraged the children to put their hand in the glove of Crisco so they could see how the lard protected their hands from the cold. The clean up was messy and long enough that the children really understood the strength of blubber!

But this week wasn’t only about science and art, we had physical exercise in our lessons every day. From jumping to iceberg to iceberg to searching and picking our Arctic animals from underneath the snow! To put it plainly… This week was downright fun.

At Classy Kids, we encourage discovery in order to nourish creativity and curiosity. These values are complemented with a comprehensive curriculum. This is what makes our programs and students exceptional. Thank you for stopping by and reading about our Arctic adventure!! Stay tuned for next week’s creative learning journey!