Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins, Please!

Children learn best by uniting what they experience within the classroom with what they experience outside of the classroom. As they see leaves change colors and temperatures cool down, they are primed for experiential learning.  Childrens’ inquiries, observations, and thoughts about what they are experiencing provide us with the perfect backdrop to discuss seasonal changes. These changes can be experienced through all senses: sight, smell, touch and taste.
We took advantage of some great time outdoors, and while we did so we examined leaves.  We used our eyes (sight) to explore all of the beautiful colors. We also practiced sorting by color, shape and size as well. We spent a good amount of time finding what makes leaves similar and different, as well as how they feel (touch). We created Leaf People, and integrated art with the leaves as well. Who knew that leaves made great paintbrushes? Mother Nature did, of course!
“Leaf” it to us – we thoroughly enjoyed all of our experiences with nature and bringing our lessons about the changing of seasons together through experiences outside.
As much fun as we had, though, with our leaf projects and exploration. . . No Halloween week is complete without a thorough study of the reason for the season PUMPKINS. During science, we experienced “Magic Color Mixing Pumpkin Paint,” where our students discovered the feeling of the inside of the pumpkins. That ewwy-gooey feeling, the seeds, the slippery-slimy tactile experiences all encouraged sensory learning. Not all of us love gooey textures, but some of us certainly did! Be sure to ask your student where they fell – did they like the sensations of a pumpkin’s insides and seeds – or were they shocked at how slimey they felt?
We also used our sense of taste as we tasted pumpkin pie (always a favorite!).
Our students painted pumpkins to create their favorite Jack-O-Lanterns to take home for display. So much fun was had by all during this fun and engaging integration of art and instruction!
Additionally, we created our very own Pumpkin Patch on our playground so that our students could experience selecting pumpkins, seeing scarecrows, and touching hay. What a fun and creative way to experience the Fall season.
Be sure to send in any photos of your child(ren) enjoying pumpkin patches, carving Jack-O-Lanterns, playing in piles of leaves, etc. We’d love to see how they are bringing home the knowledge and experiences they’ve gained at Classy Kids!