Our mission is to provide a transformative and dynamic, family-friendly, child-centered early childhood program. We strive to help each child develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually to fulfill his or her potential in a structured yet creative environment. We are committed to maintaining a healthy balance between a non-competitive, supportive environment and a challenging experience. This approach encourages children to develop strong values and a positive self-image and perception of school. Our students are encouraged to be curious, independent and responsible while enjoying their learning experience. We seek to give children the best preparation for their ongoing education. We believe in growing dreams, growing hopes and growing curiosity in our growing children.

Our Locations

West Georgia Road
Fairview Road
Brushy Creek Road

The Classy Kids Difference

Classy Kids is not your average preschool. We are different, and we are proud of it. We believe in cultivating relationships with our families. We are proud to know them all by name. We’re excited to know about our parents’ job promotions and when the family gets a new puppy. We live each day as an extension of each parent, because we know what it’s like to trust Classy Kids with your children.

We are based upon relationships. Classy Kids families are extensions of our own family, and that is why we do what we do. We love each child as if they were our own, and we support each parent as if we were in his or her shoes.

You’ve entrusted your children to us, and we pledge to be faithful stewards of your most precious blessings.


Our teacher to child ratios are solidified by Advocates for Better Childcare, South Carolina DSS, ABC and First Steps. They are as follows:

Infants    1:5

Toddlers  1:6

2’s           1:8

3’s           1:12

4’s           1:17

     Tweens   1:23 (After school)


Safety first, everyone! From a personal keypad number allocation system on our front doors, to audio visual, closed-circuit installations both inside and outside, safety is our number one concern. Routine fire drills and other safety drills are practiced until perfect, and we have additional phone lines for added security. All students are out of the building in under two minutes, and we regularly practice these drills to ensure safety is second nature for all kids and staff. Routine visits from our Police and Fire Departments keep us up-to-date with the latest safety tactics. It is important to us to ensure that our children are comfortable around our community helpers.

All Classy Kids employees are qualified by DSS and ABC standards, including national background checks. Our state-of-the-art buildings are built safe and sound for our little ones to learn and thrive in! Only the best materials are used during construction, such as antimicrobial floors, which aide in preventing the spread of germs and make our play-spaces the best.

Teacher Qualification

Our teachers are qualified, professional, and take education seriously. Many have Early Childhood Degrees or have their ECD 101 – anyone above K3 has to have a 4-year degree in education. Infant/Child CPR and First Aid are standard, along with 26 hours of continuing education every 2 years.

ECD 101 (Early Childhood Dev)

BS in Early Childhood

BS in Elementary Education

BA in Education

All employees are CPR/First Aid trained

15-20 hours for each employee for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) yearly





What Parents Say