Our Classy Kids children look forward to school each day. Our exciting classrooms keep children ready to learn, enjoy group activities, and make new friends. Our curriculum offers early math and literacy skills. In our K-3 room, we include number recognition, counting, and geometric shapes. Curriculum is built around monthly and seasonal themes.

Before entering K-4, the students will know how to count to at least 20, number recognition to 10, sorting, and simple AB, ABC patterning. We begin handwriting by tracing letters and shapes. Each child will work toward writing his/her name. We will strengthen our fine and gross motor skills through in and outdoor play, music and movement, and teacher planned activities. Our goal is to create a creative, active, and stimulating environment for your children to learn and grow.

Daily Information Sheets and Monthly Lesson Plans will keep you informed of your child’s development and progress, bu we also have an OPEN DOOR Policy and welcome parents to visit or call anytime throughout the day.

Daily Schedule

6:30 am – Good Morning & Combined Group
7:30 am – Manipulatives/Table Toys
8:00 am – Free Play & Potty Time
8:30 am – Morning Snack
9:00 am – Circle Time
9:30 am – Creative Curriculum
10:00 am – Small Muscle Activities or Outside Play
10:30 am – Prepare for Lunch
11:00 am – Homemade Lunch
12:00 pm – Rest Time
2:00 pm – Potty Time
2:30 pm – Afternoon Snack
3:00 pm – Large Muscle Activities or Outside Play
3:30 pm – Music Time
4:00 pm – Center Play
5:00 pm – Teacher Directed Activity
5:30 pm – Clean Up & Prepare to Go Home
6:00 pm – Goodbye

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